Beach Policies and Rules

Everyone on the beach, including yourself, is thinking about having genuine self-relaxation during their vacation. HEED was designed to pay attention to everyone, and the rules were created to protect the serenity of everyone. So now it is your turn to HEED. Be mindful of others by cleaning up after yourself and by caring for Mother Nature and all of her beautiful animals.


Hotel Check-In and Walk-In

Beach service is in operation from 9am to 5pm.

Guests have to check in at the hut first.

NO sitting on beach chairs before 9 am or before check-in.

We work on a ”first come first served” basis.
Hotel guests will receive 2 chairs, 1 umbrella & a maximum of 4 towels per unit and per day.
Hotel bracelets must be shown upon check-in.
Owners must show personal hotel ID card upon check-in.

No chairs will be give to friends family or other
No self-seating (you will be asked to surrender seats).

All sales are final.

No refunds. No re-gifting.

Chairs and Umbrella

ONE person per beach chair (if over the age of 12).

No reserving (retaining/holding for future use) of beach chairs or umbrellas.
Unattended chairs will be cleaned and given to other guests.
No re-gifting of chairs or umbrellas. You must leave seats empty upon exiting the beach (please be mindful of guests who are waiting in line for seats at the beach).


Hotel owner / Guest / Walk-In
A maximum of 4 towels per unit and per day.
Upon exiting the beach you will not be re-given towels.
No exchanging of towels.
NO ONE is permitted to leave the beach area with the towels.
Towels MUST be turned in at the hut during check-out.
Towels come together with the chair as one service (no chair available no towel).

Not Permitted

During Heed Beach hours from 9am to 5pm:

NO Smoking on Chairs
NO EXTRA personal chairs
NO EXTRA personal umbrellas
NO personal canopies
NO coolers
NO food from outside
NO delivery from uber eats or any other company is allowed
NO fireworks on the beach (VIP not allowed)
NO Guns or weapons
ETARU is the only one who can provide food and beverage on the Heed Beach
NO-disposable unauthorized utensils such as plastic or metal

Lost and Found

Remember, you are on the beach and hundreds of people pass during the day.

Heed Beach is not responsible for any personal items that were lost.

If the beach boys find any items, they will be placed away safely and will be saved for up to 1 month.

Cleanliness & Beach Behavior

At Heed Beach we have the lucky chance to receive the turtles during their season.
Just like you, they would love to come to a clean beach. The turtles tend to deliver in a clean area, as well. So, please be mindful and do your best to keep the beach clean.
The Beach Team cleans the beach every day. Preserve the beach habitat.

Heed Beach has set up 8 trash cans in the area.
We ask our Guests to be respectful of Nature and the turtles by throwing their garbage in the available trash cans.
Non-disposable utensils are not authorized such as plastic or metal.

When you leave the beach remember to take back with you all the items you brought to the beach.

Rules by the City of Hallandale and Broward County

During the Turtle Season the Beach Boys must wait before setting up. Broward County management implements a sea turtle conservation program that performs daily nesting surveys. Without their approval we cannot start setting up.
Heed Beach does it’s best to provide your service on time, be patient with our employees as we have to comply with the rules.

Order by the City of Hallandale Beach

We can only provide services in a limited area.
After 5pm, all beach set ups must be removed to leave the space for the public.

All chairs, umbrellas, and towels must be removed.
Hallandale Beach residents can receive 20% off on beach chairs and umbrella (ID will be required).
NO Dogs are allowed on the Beach except service dogs


We work as hard as we can to accommodate everyone.
Violation of any rules or inappropriate conduct in any manner will subject the person to removal from the Beach Service area.
Heed Beach reserves the right to refuse service to any guest that violate any rules.
Our employees work as hard as they can. Any profanity or disrespect directed towards our employees will not be tolerated. 
Remember, the people you see working on the beach are employees who are here to apply the rules and do their job.


The employees receive training to run the beach under any situation. 
The employees are not responsible for the personal items you bring to the beach.
They are not allowed to offer any of their personal items to the customer (charger, phone…).

They cannot give or request any personal information (phone number, address, social media..).

They cannot let any customer use any designated equipment that we have in the workspace. 
Our employees are here to provide beach services and are not to be insulted or disrespected by the customer in any situation.

If any Employee disrespects our customer, advise the management. After conducting a report and meeting, our employee will be sanctioned.


All sales are final and non-refundable. No re-gifting.

Weather condition


During any hurricane alert, by the order of the City of Hallandale Beach, we will be subjected to suspend all beach services prior to and after the alert in order have enough time to remove and to set up again.  

HEED Beach has metal chairs and umbrellas, the metal is a good conductor and can cause severe damage. During the alert and for your safety, everyone must leave the beach,
The service will be restarted after approval by the beach rescue. 

Wind and Gust

We have to pay attention to gusts or tunnels. It is our discretion to set up the umbrella. Our staff is trained to pay attention to the possible dangers caused by the item, because it can be blown away.

High Tide

High tide on the beach can cause several issues.
Beach erosion is our principal concern at HEED Beach.
The length of the beach will be reduced and doesn’t allow us the possibility to organize or regularly set up. We have to respect the rules according to the laws by the City of Hallandale Beach.
We are sorry for the any inconvenience; the service may be interrupted for a few hours.

Rain Condition

During the rain, the service will be temporarily stopped. Just like our customers, our staff is also important, and we must protect and allow them to work under good conditions.

The staff is trained to follow the radar conditions and may anticipate some change in weather conditions.